Research and Development

The essential element of our strategy is providing the new solutions on a permanent basis which exceed the customers’ expectations.

Product Development

Analysis of the customers’ needs and feedback leads to improvements in the already existing products and facilitates implementation of the entirely new ideas. Based on the integrated CAD environment our technical personnel constantly implements and tests the new solutions. Performance of the model product version (in terms of load capacity, deflection, stress) is verified by numerical simulations. Prior to manufacturing the best projects are realized in the form of pre-production prototypes and tested in real conditions.

E-90 Tests

Our technical solutions designed for power supply electric installations as well as devices for control of fire protection are subject to rigorous testing at the accredited institutes. The certified products of BAKS guarantee uninterrupted functioning in fire conditions and ensure the safety of people and objects.

E-90 Certificates

Product Certification

The products of BAKS are continuously confirmed for compliance with the quality and legal standards in force. In consequence of the high factory standards our products and solutions have obtained all domestic and international certificates which are required by law.